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MicroRNAs, which serve as post-transcriptional modulators of numerous genes, have been found to be important regulators during the pathogenesis of osteosarcoma. This study demonstrates for the first time that microRNA-130a (miR-130a) is significantly upregulated in osteosarcoma, and associated with the metastasis of osteosarcoma. Elevated level of miR-130a(More)
Infantile myofibromatosis (IM) is the most common fibrous tumor of infancy. IM may arise in a solitary or multicentric form, with similar histopathological findings, however, the clinical features and prognoses may vary. The solitary form tends to occur predominantly in males and is typically observed in the dermis, subcutis or deep soft tissues. The(More)
The purpose of this article is to evaluate the clinical outcomes of a posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens (pIOL) (Visian Implantable Collamer Lens V4c) for the correction of moderate to high myopia in Chinese eyes.The article is designed as a retrospective case series.This study included the first consecutive eyes that had implantation of a new pIOL(More)
This paper presents an experimental investigation into the detection of excessive diesel knock using acoustic emission (AE) signals. Three different dual-fuel diesel engine operating regimes were induced into a compression-ignition (diesel) engine operating on both straight diesel fuel and two different mixtures of fumigated ethanol and diesel. The(More)
PURPOSE To compare the longitudinal vault changes after implantation of a posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens (pIOL) (Visian implantable contact lens) with (ICL V4c) and without (ICL V4) a central artificial hole for moderate to high myopia in Chinese eyes. DESIGN Retrospective case series. METHODS This study comprised 78 eyes implanted with the(More)
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