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In downlink beam forming, an exist feasible region is of great importance before we search the optimum object value and the correspond beam former. However, there does not always exist a feasible region among the constraints. In this paper, all the users' target signal-to-interference plus noise (SINR) are investigated based on channel covariance matrices.(More)
Single antenna vector OFDM (V-OFDM) system has been proposed and investigated in the past. It contains the conventional OFDM and the single carrier frequency domain equalizer (SC-FDE) as two special cases and is flexible to choose any number of symbols in intersymbol interference (ISI) by choosing a proper vector size. In this paper, we develop cyclic delay(More)
In this paper, a joint channel estimation and turbo equalization scheme is proposed with low complexity and high accuracy for doubly selective fading channels. Based on the traditional data frame, by adding several pre-training sequences, the spectral efficiency is improved in the proposed two stage scheme. In the first stage, with the adaptive(More)
In this paper, a low computational complexity and flexible Cyclic Delay receive scheme is proposed for the receiver in the uplink, in which more than two transmit antennas is hard to locate in one mobile device. By summing up the shifted copy of the received signal at different receive antennas, the multi-path channels of the Single Input and Multiple(More)
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