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This paper attempts to simulate the development status of Xi’an City from 2012 to 2025 with the method of Systems Dynamics (SD), in order to provide a reference for the future development of Xi’an city. On the basis of theoretical analysis and empirical analysis, in 2025, the carrying capacity indexes of 5 socio-economic development schemes from the highest(More)
The industrial sector is the largest consumer of the world’s total energy and most of its consumption is in form of electricity. In recent years, to strengthen the peak load regulation capability, time-of-use (TOU) pricing has been implemented in many countries to encourage consumers to shift their use from peak to midand off-peak periods such that their(More)
Electricity is one of most widely used energies and encouraged to be saved by scientific management and new technologies such as Time-of-Use policy. Batch scheduling can significantly improve production efficiency and is used in many high electricity consumption and high technology industries. This paper investigates a new bi-objective single machine batch(More)
The government-enterprise cooperation in high-tech industrial park is a useful exploration of the development models in the industrial parks. In the process of the construction and development of the park, how to effectively promote the government and enterprises and other organizations to work together to jointly improve the development of industrial park(More)
This paper attempts to establish an evaluating index system of land comprehensive carrying capacity in Xi'an city involving three aspects, such as economic carrying capacity, social carrying capacity, and ecological carrying capacity, combined with the development goals and constraint factors of Xi'an city. Furthermore, we adopted the method of mean-squared(More)
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