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Based on customer relationship management system of ShanHua carpet company, this paper introduces an improved data mining association rules Apriori algorithm and its deployment to Shanhua group Cross-selling analysis. The deployment of the Apriori algorithm deletes lots of invalid business, reduces the records for the following scanning, which raises the(More)
As farmland systems vary over space and time (season and year), accurate and updated maps of paddy rice are needed for studies of food security and environmental problems. We selected a wheat-rice double-cropped area from fragmented landscapes along the rural-urban complex (Jiangsu Province, China) and explored the potential utility of integrating time(More)
Accurate and up-to-date information on the spatial distribution of paddy rice fields is necessary for the studies of trace gas emissions, water source management, and food security. The phenology-based paddy rice mapping algorithm, which identifies the unique flooding stage of paddy rice, has been widely used. However, identification and mapping of paddy(More)
The resources of campus network are increasing quickly. This formed the "isolated island of information ", but the appearance of Grid technique has resolved this problem. According to the campus network of author's university, this paper proposes a solution that can reform the network into Grid by minimum cost. The solution has made the real share and(More)
Security and privacy is a big problem that feazing computer researchers all along. In the pervasive computing, because the traditional methods of user authorization and access control are no longer adapted, the security and privacy becomes much more difficult to ensure. This paper proposes a dynamic trust model based on P2P. In this paper we call the trust(More)
Many problems always occur when too many members do translation work together, such as there is not a reasonable method to assign the members with missions, the information exchanging among the members is difficult, the translation result has poor consistency. However, I'll provide an effective cooperative translation system. This system uses many new(More)
Big data makes cloud computing more and more popular in various fields. Video resources are very useful and important to education, security monitoring, and so on. However, issues of their huge volumes, complex data types, inefficient processing performance, weak security, and long times for loading pose challenges in video resource management. The Hadoop(More)
The workflow technology handing workflow exceptions in the workflow management system (WFMS) was relatively weak. Through the analysis of the causes of the workflow exceptions, I propose a workflow exception handling system (WFEHS) which can deal with the foreseeable and unforeseeable workflow exceptions. It mainly consists of two subsystems, one is a(More)
—Wetland resource management is an important task in the protection and utilization of wetlands. Given the environmental interests in these wetlands, there is urgent need for a centralized repository and mechanism to share geospatial data, information and maps of wetlands. Our objective is to develop an interactive WebGIS and geodatabase for wetlands(More)