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Accurate and up-to-date information on the spatial distribution of paddy rice fields is necessary for the studies of trace gas emissions, water source management, and food security. The phenology-based paddy rice mapping algorithm, which identifies the unique flooding stage of paddy rice, has been widely used. However, identification and mapping of paddy(More)
Accurate and timely rice paddy field maps with a fine spatial resolution would greatly improve our understanding of the effects of paddy rice agriculture on greenhouse gases emissions, food and water security, and human health. Rice paddy field maps were developed using optical images with high temporal resolution and coarse spatial resolution (e.g.,(More)
As farmland systems vary over space and time (season and year), accurate and updated maps of paddy rice are needed for studies of food security and environmental problems. We selected a wheat-rice double-cropped area from fragmented landscapes along the rural-urban complex (Jiangsu Province, China) and explored the potential utility of integrating time(More)
Knowledge of the area and spatial distribution of paddy rice is important for assessment of food security, management of water resources, and estimation of greenhouse gas (methane) emissions. Paddy rice agriculture has expanded rapidly in northeastern China in the last decade, but there are no updated maps of paddy rice fields in the region. Existing(More)
Based on customer relationship management system of ShanHua carpet company, this paper introduces an improved data mining association rules Apriori algorithm and its deployment to Shanhua group Cross-selling analysis. The deployment of the Apriori algorithm deletes lots of invalid business, reduces the records for the following scanning, which raises the(More)
As the environmental problem becomes more and<lb>more serious in the development of society, it has drawn a<lb>lot of attentions from every government. Industry prompts<lb>the development of economy at the same time produces a lot<lb>of pollutions, such as smoke pollution and waste. Evaluating<lb>the efficiency of the departments of industry benefits(More)
The workflow technology handing workflow exceptions in the workflow management system (WFMS) was relatively weak. Through the analysis of the causes of the workflow exceptions, I propose a workflow exception handling system (WFEHS) which can deal with the foreseeable and unforeseeable workflow exceptions. It mainly consists of two subsystems, one is a(More)
Effectively mapping and monitoring rubber plantation is still changing. Previous studies have explored the potential of phenology features for rubber plantation mapping through a pixel-based approach (pixel-based phenology approach). However, in fragmented mountainous Xishuangbanna, it could lead to noises and low accuracy of resultant maps. In this study,(More)