Weili Hong

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Two merotriterpenoid hydroquinone sulfates designated adociasulfate-13 (1) and adociasulfate-14 (2) were purified from Cladocroce aculeata (Chalinidae) along with adociasulfate-8. All three compounds were found to inhibit microtubule-stimulated ATPase activity of kinesin at 15 µM by blocking both the binding of microtubules and the processive motion of(More)
High resolution microscope systems with optical traps allow for precise manipulation of various refractive objects, such as dielectric beads (1) or cellular organelles (2,3), as well as for high spatial and temporal resolution readout of their position relative to the center of the trap. The system described herein has one such "traditional" trap operating(More)
We demonstrate an ambient light coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscope that allows CARS imaging to be operated under environmental light for field use. The CARS signal is modulated at megahertz frequency and detected by a photodiode equipped with a lab-built resonant amplifier, then extracted through a lock-in amplifier. The filters in both the(More)
Cytoplasmic dynein and kinesin are both microtubule-based molecular motors but are structurally and evolutionarily unrelated. Under standard conditions, both move with comparable unloaded velocities toward either the microtubule minus (dynein) or plus (most kinesins) end. This similarity is important because it is often implicitly incorporated into models(More)
Membrane fouling is the bottleneck that restricts the sustainability of membrane technology for environmental applications. Therefore, the development of novel analytical tools for characterizing membrane fouling processes is essential. In this work, we demonstrate a capability of probing the chemical structure of foulants and detecting their 3-dimentional(More)
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