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A graphene oxide conductive hydrogel is reported that simultaneously possesses high toughness, self-healability, and self-adhesiveness. Inspired by the adhesion behaviors of mussels, our conductive hydrogel shows self-adhesiveness on various surfaces and soft tissues. The hydrogel can be used as self-adhesive bioelectronics, such as electrical stimulators(More)
Wireless traffic volume detectors play a critical role for measuring the traffic-flow in a real-time for current Intelligent Traffic System. However, as a battery-operated electronic device, regularly replacing battery remains a great challenge, especially in the remote area and wide distribution. Here, we report a self-powered active wireless traffic(More)
A novel triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) is designed, based on flexible and transparent vertical-strip arrays, for environmental wind-energy harvesting. Given the low cost, simple structure, and wide applicability, the TENGs present a green alternative to traditional methods used for large-scale wind-energy harvesting.
The rapid development of Internet of Things and the related sensor technology requires sustainable power sources for their continuous operation. Scavenging and utilizing the ambient environmental energy could be a superior solution. Here, we report a self-powered helmet for emergency, which was powered by the energy converted from ambient mechanical(More)
In recent years, triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs), harvesting energy from the environment as a sustainable power source, have attracted great attention. Currently, many reports focus on the effect of surface modification on the electrical output performance of the TENG. In this work, we have fabricated vertically grown ZnO microballoon (ZnOMB) arrays on(More)
An acceleration sensor is an essential component of the vibration measurement, while the passivity and sensitivity are the pivotal features for its application. Here, we report a self-powered and highly sensitive acceleration sensor based on a triboelectric nanogenerator composed of a liquid metal mercury droplet (LMMD) and nanofiber-networked(More)
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