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Hollow silica nanospheres coated with biocompatible and pH-sensitive inorganic insoluble calcium salts including calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite have been successfully prepared. The results indicate that the nanospheres can efficiently load doxorubicin and release it in a pH-responsive and sustained manner, and improve the treatment efficacy(More)
Currently, the efficacies of the existing anticancer drugs used in chemotherapy are still unsatisfactory. Therefore, drug delivery system has received considerable research interest. In the present study, calcium carbonate/hyaluronate/glutamate mesoporous hollow spheres are prepared through a facile method. The results indicate that the mesoporous hollow(More)
In the current study, three hydroxyapatite two-dimensional films with similar wettability but different topological roughness have been prepared through a facile one-step method using hydrated polylactic acid discs as substrates. The results indicated that the protein adsorption capabilities of the hydroxyapatite two-dimensional films and the proliferation(More)
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