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A new algorithm is presented which deals with the problem of detecting small moving targets in infrared image sequences that also contain drifting and evolving clutter. Through development of models of the temporal behavior of the static background, target and cloud edge on a single pixel basis, the new algorithm employing the connecting line of the(More)
Recovering and reconstructing networks by accurately identifying missing and unreliable links is a vital task in the domain of network analysis and mining. In this article, by studying a specific local structure, namely, a degree block having a node and its all immediate neighbors, we find it contains important statistical features of link formation for(More)
Detecting small target in clutter is usually carried out by using a predictor to suppress the background clutter. As an important part of clutter, noise can not be predicted accurately. Because the input value of the predicted point carries the information of noise, here a new method of background prediction algorithm is presented in this paper, which uses(More)
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