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During recent years, blind image quality assessment (BIQA) has been intensively studied with different machine learning tools. Existing BIQA metrics, however, do not design for stereoscopic images. We believe this problem can be resolved by separating 3D images and capturing the essential attributes of images via deep neural network. In this paper, we(More)
The exploitation of coastal beach plays a great role in promoting the development of local economy. The employment of different development modes of coastal beach will in different degrees influence local resources, environment, ecosystem stability, economic and social development and so on. Therefore, the choice of a scientific and rational model is(More)
In order to study the spatio-temporal characteristics of human lower limbs at different walking speeds, VICON MX three-dimensional motion capturing system was adopted to measure the three dimensional motion trajectories of lower limbs when human were walking on the treadmill. Through Matlab and Origin Pro7.5, the joint angles of lower limbs were calculated(More)
A new finite element variational multiscale VMS method based on two local Gauss integrations is proposed and analyzed for the stationary conduction-convection problems. The valuable feature of our method is that the action of stabilization operators can be performed locally at the element level with minimal additional cost. The theory analysis shows that(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a bionic design for the airfoil of wind turbines inspired by the morphology of Long-eared Owl's wings. Glauert Model was adopted to design the standard blade and the bionic blade, respectively. Numerical analysis method was utilized to study the aerodynamic characteristics of the airfoils as well as the(More)
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