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Aiming at the functional requirement of climbing up the stairs, the dynamics and stability during a tracked mobile robot's climbing of stairs is studied. First, from the analysis of its cross‐country performance, the mechanical structure of the tracked mobile robot is designed and the hardware composition of its control system is given. Second, based on the(More)
Quadruped robots can perform tasks in the environment with rough terrain. And the mobility and versatility are the most important reasons for building quadruped robots. In this paper, gait analysis and implementation of a simple quadruped robot are presented. First, the biological gaits and the quadruped gaits are summarized and compared. Then, a normal(More)
Because of the limited space and enormous forces in the human foot, researchers generally simplified the foot as a rigid body in the development of lower extremity exoskeletons and biped humanoid robots, which led to unsatisfying performance on flexibility and auto-stability. In this paper, we propose a novel parallel mechanism with seven degrees of freedom(More)
To obtain the characteristic life of a chain tool magazine and automatic tool changer under normal working condition, a small-sample accelerated life test method was developed. The inverse power law model and small-sample virtual augmented theory was applied while taking vibration as the accelerated stress. The accelerated life test of the automatic tool(More)
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