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BACKGROUND Abnormal proliferation, apoptosis, migration and contraction of airway smooth muscle (ASM) cells in airway remodeling in asthma are basically excessive repair responses to a network of inflammatory mediators such as PDGF, but the mechanisms of such responses remain unclear. Nogo-B, a member of the reticulum family 4(RTN4), is known to play a key(More)
The method of footprint recognition method based on wavelet and fuzzy neural network is presented in this paper. The footprint image is transformed by wavelet to detect edge at first, then according to the statistical distribution disciplinarians of different shape toe images, membership functions are constructed respectively from the angle, length and(More)
A THz Image edge detection approach based on wavelet and Neural Network is proposed in this paper. First, the source image is decomposed by wavelet, the edges in the low-frequency sub-image are detected using Neural Network method and the edges in the high-frequency sub-images are detected using wavelet transform method on the coarsest level of the wavelet(More)
A cross-band dual-layer metamaterial absorber with properties of broad bandwidth is presented in this paper. Different from the previous methods to broaden the absorption width, this letter proposes a novel design of the structure of dielectric substrates with sine-curved shape surfaces. The proposed structure consists of two layers of dielectric substrate(More)
Under the ISO/IEC 18000-6C protocol of UHF RFID an electronic tag's information security is based on password protection, but its natural defect is unable to reject brute tests which can be exhaustive. By the protocol analysis, this article theoretically proves that tags' weak passwords can be cracked. Combined with a concrete Tag-Interrogator module a(More)
With the development of the technology, life is filled with increasing information equipment. When they work, a great deal of information will be radiated. For the leaked information, an interception system is built with USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), and the line synchronization signal was extracted with a method called cepstrum. Compared with(More)
A graphene-based plasmonic metasurface which can independently control different polarized electromagnetic waves with reasonably small losses in terahertz regime is proposed and demonstrated in this paper. This metasurface is composed of graphene based elements. Owing to anisotropic plasmonic resonance of the graphene-based elements, the reflected phases(More)