Weijuan Ni

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A previously unknown isomer of the carcinogenic heterocyclic aromatic amine (HAA) 2-amino-3,8-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (8-MeIQx) was recently discovered in the urine of meat eaters and subsequently detected in cooked ground beef (Holland, R.D., et al. (2004) Chem. Res. Toxicol. 17, 1121-1136). In this current investigation, the identity of the(More)
The concentrations of heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAAs) were determined, by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization/tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS), in 26 samples of beef, pork, and chicken cooked to various levels of doneness. The HAAs identified were 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5- f]quinoline, 2-amino-1-methylimidazo[4,5- b]quinoline,(More)
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