Weijuan Li

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TPX2 (targeting protein for xenopus kinesin-like protein 2), a microtubule-associated protein, plays an important role in the formation of the mitotic spindle. Abnormal expression of TPX2 in various types of malignant tumors has been reported, but less is known for medullary thyroid cancer (MTC). We investigated the expression of TPX2 in human MTC tissues(More)
Most industrial buildings in developing countries such as China have excessively high energy consumption, and the portion used by HVAC systems is significant. This investigation used a winery building in a cold region in northern China as a case study to analyze industrial building energy performance. A lack of communication, cultural differences in design(More)
Our study intended to prove whether agonistic autoantibodies to angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1-AAs) exist in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) and affect the human endothelial cell (HEC) by upregulating proinflammatory cytokines expression involved in NF-κB pathway. Antibodies were determined by chronotropic responses of cultured neonatal rat(More)
Ventilation is essential to the health and comfort of occupants in enclosed spaces. However, it is difficult to accurately measure the ventilation rates in large, long, and narrow spaces such as aircraft cabins and train compartments. This study proposed a modified tracer-gas-concentration decay method that combined the multi-zone technique and genetic(More)
Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) plays an important role in the host defence against pathogens and carcinogenesis. This study aimed to analyze differential expression of MBL protein in thyroid cancer tissues and then to investigate the effects of rhMBL in thyroid cancer cells. Tissue specimens from 45 thyroid carcinoma patients and 45 adenoma patients were(More)
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