Weijing Huang

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Microblogs contain the most up-to-date and abundant opinion information on current events. Aspect-based opinion mining is a good way to get a comprehensive summarization of events. The most popular aspect based opinion mining models are used in the field of product and service. However, existing models are not suitable for event mining. In this paper we(More)
Social networking service (SNS) applications are changing the way information spreads in online communities. As real social relationships are projected into SNS applications, word of mouth has been an important factor in the information spreading processes of those applications. By assuming each user needs a cost to accept some specific information, this(More)
BACKGROUND HIV-1 gp120/gp41 is heavily modified by n-linked carbohydrates that play important roles either in correct folding or in shielding vulnerable viral protein surfaces from antibody recognition. METHODS In our previous work, 25 potential N-linked glycosylation sites (PNGS) of a CRF07_BC isolate of HIV-1 were individually mutated, and the resulting(More)
Plant growth can be promoted by the application of apple fruit fermentation (AFF), despite unclear of the underlying mechanisms, the effects involved in AFF on rhizosphere microorganisms have been hypothesized. We investigated the consequences of applying AFF alone or in combination with Bacillus licheniformis to strawberry tissue culture seedlings in(More)
As the number of academic papers and new technologies soars, it has been increasingly difficult for researchers, especially beginners, to enter a new research field. Researchers often need to study a promising paper in depth to keep up with the forefront of technology. Traditional Query-Oriented study method is time-consuming and even tedious. For a given(More)
Predicting the gap between taxi demand and supply in taxi booking apps is completely new and important but challenging. However, manually mining gap rule for different conditions may become impractical because of massive and sparse taxi data. Existing works unilaterally consider demand or supply, used only few simple features and verified by little data,(More)