Weijing Han

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In this work, we constructed a Collagen I-Matrigel composite extracellular matrix (ECM). The composite ECM was used to determine the influence of the local collagen fiber orientation on the collective intravasation ability of tumor cells. We found that the local fiber alignment enhanced cell-ECM interactions. Specifically, metastatic MDA-MB-231 breast(More)
Using a pyrosequencing-based custom-made sequencer BIGIS-4, we sequenced a Gram-negative bacterium Glaciecola mesophila sp. nov. (Gmn) isolated from marine invertebrate specimens. We generated 152043 sequencing reads with a mean high-quality length of 406 bp, and assembled them using the BIGIS-4 post-processing module. No systematic low-quality data was(More)
High-throughput pyrosequencing, carried out in millions of picoliter-sized reactors on a fiber-optic slide, is known for its longer read length. However, both optical crosstalk (which reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of CCD images) and chemical retention adversely affect the accuracy of chemiluminescence determination, and ultimately decrease the read(More)
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