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It is estimated that the success rate of IT project maintain below 30%, and this figure are even lower in china. There must be some common factors that led to an unsuccessful project. This paper tries to treat the problem with following method. Firstly, we give the criteria of a failure project based on the research of the definition of success, and extract(More)
Cellulose/graphene composite (CG) was obtained by exfoliating graphite in ionic liquid. Ionic liquid-cellulose complexes acted as exfoliating agent. The concentration of the obtained graphene was as high as 1.12 mg mL À1. Carbonized CG showed desirable electrochemical performance as anode materials. CG was made into liquid marble as a trigger to detect the(More)
Decision-making is a flexible process dependent on the accumulation of various kinds of information; however, the corresponding neural mechanisms are far from clear. We extended a layered model of the frontal eye field to a learning-based model, using computational simulations to explain the cognitive process of choice tasks. The core of this extended model(More)
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