Weijie Huang

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This paper presents an easy means to produce a 3-axis Hall effect-based skin sensor for robotic applications. It uses an off-the-shelf chip and is physically small and provides digital output. Furthermore, the sensor has a soft exterior for safe interactions with the environment; in particular it uses soft silicone with about an 8 mm thickness. Tests were(More)
Compared with word-level and sentence-level convolutional neural networks (ConvNets), the character-level ConvNets has a better applicability for misspellings and typos input. Due to this, recent researches for text classification mainly focus on character-level ConvNets. However, while the majority of these researches employ English corpus for the(More)
In this paper, we break down the large-scale project into small units so that we can extract the parameters that relates most to the total cost more easily. However, the amount of these parameters are huge, causing much trouble for RBF neural fitting, so we need to reduce the number of these parameters by using PCA. Then we put the newly generated(More)
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