Weijiao Zhan

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Limbal stem-cell deficiency by ocular trauma or disease causes corneal opacification and vision loss. Conventional tissue engineering using biodegradable scaffolds has met with limited success. In this study, we developed a novel method for preparing carrier-free epithelial cell sheets, which have potential for use in repairing defects of the ocular(More)
PURPOSE To develop a new culture system to cultivate differentiated autologous cells in vitro for cell therapy and tissue engineering. METHODS After incubation in murine embryonic stem cell (ESC) extract for 1 h, streptolysin-O (SLO) permeabilized cells were resealed with CaCl(2) and continually cultured for weeks. The morphological study was analyzed by(More)
OBJECTIVE On the basis of the functional roles of the embryonic stem cell niche (ESCN) in the human limbal stem cells (LSCs), we proposed to explore the potential roles of microRNAs in regulating the self-renewal and differentiation of LSCs cultured in the ESCN. METHODS The LSCs were cultured in different media, either in CnT-20 media or in CnT-20 + 20%(More)
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