Weijiang Zheng

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Equol, one of the intestinal microflora metabolites of daidzein, has gained much attention for having greater bioactivity than its precursor (daidzein and daidzin) and seeming to be promoted by hydrogen gas. The effects of lactulose on the equol-producing capacity and liver antioxidant status of barrows treated with daidzein were investigated in this study.(More)
The framework and the main features of the decision-making meteorological services system (DMMS), based on component GIS technology, are first introduced. Then some key issues of GIS application to system are discussed. At last, we draw some conclusions and make sure that this system can also bring a good construction idea of the decision-making(More)
To clarify the role of intestinal microbiota on skatole production and the influences of host gender, individual fecal samples were collected from female, castrated and entire male pigs at the ages of 20, 85, and 185 days. Concentrations of skatole in feces were determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and the bacterial community in the(More)
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