Weijian Lin

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Negative photoconductivity (NPC) and positive photoconductivity (PPC) are observed in the same individual InAs nanowires grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. NPC displays under weak light illumination due to photoexcitation scattering centers charged with hot carrier in the native oxide layer. PPC is observed under high light intensity. Through(More)
We report the fluorescence decay kinetics and the vibrational properties of chlorophyll a bound to the 47-kDa antenna protein (CP47) of spinach photosystem II. The chlorophyll fluorescence of CP47 samples decays with four lifetimes (tau = 75.8 ps, 1.05 ns, 3.22 ns, and 5.41 ns). The 75.8-ps and 3.22-ns components are associated with chlorophyll a bound to(More)
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