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Distributed intrusion detection system as the supplement of firewall can provide more effective protection means. This article describes the development trend of Distributed Intrusion Detection System, Shortcomings of Distributed Intrusion Detection System, and describes in detail the advantages, the Structure and the Principle of work of Distributed(More)
In view of the shortage of e-commerce sites for data mining system, Web Data Mining System Framework Based on Mobile Agent is proposed in this paper. In advantage of the independency, mobility and intelligence of mobile agent, the search process and the recommendation of the entire commodity have a higher timeliness and accuracy. Businesses can apply the(More)
When the network is increasingly becoming a part of people's lives at the same time, network and information security has also become one of the issues of most concern,. This article is based on a brief introduction in terms of information security, several commonly used way of authentication technologies and their advantages and disadvantages. Different(More)
Recent years, Intelligent Agent has become the powerful tools in developing electronic commerce system. Along with the development of intelligent Agent technique, we can design an intelligent e-commerce system. This paper briefly introduces the intelligent Agent technique and researches on the properties and principle of intelligent Agent, discusses the(More)
In this paper, we introduce research status and development trend of distributed intrusion detection technology first, then describe the frame structure of Distributed Intrusion Detection System, data acquisition module, data analysis module, decision-making and control module. Finally, we describe the application and the realization of distributed(More)
According to analysis development situation of the Construction enterprise, we can deduce the development of the construction industry in the region. This paper use factor analysis and analysis and comprehensive evaluation of index system which characterization of construction enterprise development. It can deduce the state of development of the(More)
With the risk factor of network security continuously improving, firewalls, which once as a means of the most important safety precautions, can no longer satisfy people's demand for network security. As a complement of the firewall, Distributed Intrusion Detection System can effectively improve the security. This article describes the framework, the(More)
Nowadays, the competition between companies are becoming more and more fierce, so the business processes of a corporation must make necessary adjustment according to the requirements. Meanwhile, a work flow model must have the ability of well describing the business processes. And it also has to handle various kinds of possible exceptions. According to the(More)