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How Network Topologies Impact Project Alliance Performance: Evidence from the Movie Industry
In many industries, partners are interconnected in project alliances that have limited lifespans and clearly-defined boundaries. Expand
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The POA Application in the Teaching of Chinese Writing as a Foreign Language
The old style of traditional teaching mode is to take “text as the core”. A whole new teaching approach was put forward by a famous professor and the approach is named as production oriented approachExpand
Mediatised Politics: A Persepctive for Understanding Political Communication in China
Through multiple case studies, this essay attempts to paint a general picture of “mediatised politics” in China. The author first discusses several phenomena typical in Chinese politicalExpand
Research on online user comments in artificial intelligence times
This paper uses Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) as a hidden layer neuron, introduces the attention mechanism, captures information in text sequences, understands user comment text, and builds a model of automatic tags generation. Expand
Risk sharing and financial stability: a welfare analysis
Many studies on the stability of financial markets have shown that perfect risk sharing between financial institutions is not the optimal strategy because it would increase systemic risk and make theExpand
Artistic Proofs: A Kantian Approach to Aesthetics in Mathematics
This paper explores the nature of mathematical beauty from a Kantian perspective. According to Kant’s Critique of the Power of Judgment, satisfaction in beauty is subjective and non-conceptual, yet aExpand
A Study of Digitally Enhanced People–Space Interaction: A Place-Centric Perspective:
We use digital technology to enhance the way people and space interact. Expand