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The use of fountain codes in wireless cooperative relay networks can improve the system performance in aspects such as transmission time, energy consumption, transmission efficiency and outage probability etc. This has been proved when the number of the relay nodes and their relaying capabilities are stationary. But in practical networks the relay nodes are(More)
The degree distribution of Fountain Codes has a very important influence on Fountain Codes decoding process. So optimizing the Fountain Codes degree distribution is very significant. In this paper, we present a new way to design the degree distribution with the idea of combining several different degree distributions and integrating them to one degree(More)
Relay transmission technology is the key technology for communication in the decentralized wireless network. In multi-hop relay transmissions, employing digital fountain code can greatly reduce the transmission of feedback information, improve the transmission efficiency of the network, and decrease the transmission time. In this paper, a relay pairs(More)
This paper presents the secrecy capacity and the secure degrees of freedom of Gaussian Z channel with single antenna and confidential information. Firstly, we analysis the secrecy capacity and the upper bound of secure degrees of freedom of this channel in theory. Then, we respectively discuss the security pre-coding scheme for real Gaussian channel model(More)
In the traditional cross-layer redundancy optimization allocation, the system can't fully adapt the time-varying channel, so an H-ARQ transmission mechanism based on rate less code is proposed in this paper. The source uses LT-code as error-erasure code to encode the original packets in the packet-level, every bit of one coded packets is encoded by using(More)
Energy-Efficience has attracted significant research attention in recent years. Partial spectrum sensing algorithm with decision result prediction (DRP) and decision result modification (DRM) technique successfully conserves computation energy. Firstly, this paper proposed an new DRP based on the MAJ(Majority) rule instead of AND rule. The simulation(More)