Weihuo Tong

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Grapevine is one of the world's most important fruit crops. European cultivated grape species have the best fruit quality but show almost no resistance to powdery mildew (PM). PM caused by Uncinula necator is a harmful disease that has a significant impact on the economic value of the grape crop. In this study, we examined a RING-H2-type ubiquitin ligase(More)
The ubiquitination system plays important roles in the degradation and modification of substrate proteins. In this study, we characterize a putative U-box type E3 ubiquitin ligase gene, VpPUB24 (plant U-box protein 24), from Chinese wild grapevine, Vitis pseudoreticulata accession Baihe-35-1. We show that VpPUB24 is induced by a number of stresses,(More)
An F-box protein (VpEIFP1) induced by Erysiphe necator was isolated from Vitis pseudoreticulata, a wild Chinese grapevine species naturally resistant to powdery mildew (PM). It contains an F-box domain and two Kelch-repeat motifs. Expression profiles indicate the VpEIFP1 is strongly induced at both transcriptional and translational levels by PM infection. A(More)
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