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It is a very demanding task to design a reliable fingerprint matching approach with high accuracy and speed. An algorithm based on the novel structure combining the singular point with its neighborhood minutiae proposed in this paper can solve this problem efficiently. The structure introduced in this paper has two novel ideas as follows: First, we give an(More)
Xie Weihua Post-doctoral Programme of Communication University of China Beijing, China Wang YongBing College of computer science of Communication University of China Beijing, China Mail: Weihua.xie@gmail.com Abstract—This paper presents realization of IPTV JSE application method based on embedded browser. It analyzes the steps based on global variable and(More)
ZrB₂-based nanocomposites with and without carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as reinforcement were prepared at 1600 °C by spark plasma sintering. The effects of CNTs on the microstructure and mechanical properties of nano-ZrB₂ matrix composites were studied. The results indicated that adding CNTs can inhibit the abnormal grain growth of ZrB₂ grains and improve the(More)
This paper present a method based on gradient texture watermark. This method uses the feature that the image gradient map reflects the change of image texture very well to estimate the image texture complexity and power with the average power of gradient map and variance and to embed the robust watermark in good texture complexity. Experiment shows that the(More)
This paper presents a simple methodology to perform a high temperature coupled thermo-mechanical test using ultra-high temperature ceramic material specimens (UHTCs), which are equipped with chemical composition gratings sensors (CCGs). The methodology also considers the presence of coupled loading within the response provided by the CCG sensors. The(More)
The existing music projects terminal are mostly websites that computer can access, the mobile client and rare television set-top box terminals. Under the new forms of triple play, network music system of integrated information system supports three nets four terminal and with key technology such as network music creation, transmission and display and so on.(More)
Considering the robustness and imperceptibility of digital image watermarking, this paper proposes an watermark embedding algorithm, in which watermark is embedded in DC coefficients derived from a dual DCT transformations. After block based DCT transformation, DC coefficients of an image are arranged into a new matrix, on which block based DCT(More)
This paper presents a method of WEB security certification based on browser middleware. The method aims at that it is not very good in security and is not enough in flexibility to use the HTTP and HTTPS mode based on B/S model, and a method of WEB security certification based on browser JSE middleware is presented using the excellence of browser JSE. This(More)
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