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We present a new single image super-resolution approach based on Partial Differential Equations (PDE), which consists of oriented diffusion, fidelity term and shock filter. It weakens the blurred image and keeps its characters by fidelity coefficient related with edges, weighs diffusion and shock filtering through continuous function based on content of(More)
Super-resolution image restoration produces a high-resolution image from a set of shifted, blurred, and decimated versions thereof. The quality of super-resolution depends on the accuracy and the amount of a priori information that could be utilized in the processing. In this paper, a POCS-embedded MAP based super-resolution image restoration algorithm is(More)
The thermo-structural response of solid rocket motor nozzles is widely investigated in the design of modern rockets, and many factors related to the material properties have been considered. However, little work has been done to evaluate the effects of structure gaps on the generation of flame leaks. In this paper, a numerical simulation was performed by(More)
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