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The folding thermodynamics of the src-SH3 protein domain were characterized under refolding conditions through biased fully atomic molecular dynamics simulations with explicit solvent. The calculated free energy surfaces along several reaction coordinates revealed two barriers. The first, larger barrier was identified as the transition state barrier for(More)
Low energy consumption is one of the design challenges for data transmission for sensor networks. We identify the drawbacks of two conventional data transmission protocols, in terms of balance of energy consumption. We propose an approach to balance energy consumption, and present the theoretical analysis and approximate methods of our approach. Preliminary(More)
Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis has a high economic value and is one of the most important aquaculture species in China. Despite it is economic importance, it has remained largely unstudied at the genomic level. In this study, we conducted a genome survey of Gp. lemaneiformis using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. In total, 18.70 Gb of(More)
We use an integrated computational approach to reconstruct accurately the transition state ensemble (TSE) for folding of the src-SH3 protein domain. We first identify putative TSE conformations from free energy surfaces generated by importance sampling molecular dynamics for a fully atomic, solvated model of the src-SH3 protein domain. These putative TSE(More)
The temperature dependence of the free energy landscape of the src-SH3 protein domain is investigated through fully atomic simulations in explicit solvent. Simulations are performed above and below the folding transition temperature, enabling an analysis of both protein folding and unfolding. The transition state for folding and unfolding, identified from(More)
Although Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the most highly domesticated yeast, strain dependency in biotechnological processes still remains as a common, yet poorly understood phenomenon. To investigate this, the entrance to the aromatic amino acid biosynthetic pathway was compared in four commonly used S. cerevisiae laboratory strains. The strains were(More)
This paper studies the asymptotic stability of a repairable system with repair time of failed system that follows arbitrary distribution. We show that the system operator generates a positive C 0-semigroup of contraction in a Banach space, therefore there exists a unique, nonnegative, and time-dependant solution. By analyzing the spectrum of system operator(More)
The re-growth free single mode lasers based on etched slots suitable for photonic integration are presented in this paper. The fabricated 650 μm long laser exhibits a threshold current and a slope efficiency of about 32 mA and 0.12 mW/mA, respectively. The stable single mode operation has been observed with a side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) over 50 dB at(More)
Metabolic engineering of various industrial microorganisms to produce chemicals, fuels, and drugs has raised interest since it is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and independent of nonrenewable resources. However, microbial metabolism is so complex that only a few metabolic engineering efforts have been able to achieve a satisfactory yield, titer or(More)