Weihua Bao

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High-precision data registration is a key to ensure the high-precision three-dimensional profile measurement. In order to register the featureless surface or the surface with non-overlapping data, this paper proposes a new registration method based on auxiliary sphere targets. Combined with ICP algorithm the new method adopts the sphere targets for fitting(More)
To improve dynamic response performance of traditional signal-planning for bus priority, this paper brings forward a new traffic signal timing scheme, which is composed of four modules: preprocessor of traffic information, mid-scope scheme generator, real-time scheme generator and final scheme mediation. The experiment shows that the scheme has better(More)
As the PROFIBUS is generally applied in the field of control, its feature of real-time has become more and more important. This paper promotes an improved analyzing method on the single-master PROFIBUS stations. In this method, single-master PROFIBUS DP networks' feature and its protocol are analyzed, and the impact on the messages' real-time and network(More)
For voltage stability problems caused by grid-connected wind farms, a strategy of coordinated reactive power compensation is proposed in this paper. The strategy utilizes static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) to stabilize the voltage of low voltage bus of wind farm. As the basic reactive power compensation unit,(More)
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