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Along with the prominent development of modern science and technology and the elevated requirement of ship products, shipbuilding mode is becoming increasingly advanced and consummated, which, based on mass customization, turns into an inevitable trend. Modern management technology needs to fit for this development. Researching on the traditional agile(More)
Mantle helium and other volatiles may be released to volcanic crater lakes. This paper presents the observation of H and mantle helium in the crater Lakes Nemrut (Turkey), Laacher (Germany) and Pavin (France). The presence of excess H in the lakes can be explained as material released from mantle sources because of the correlation of excess H with mantle He(More)
Shipbuilding is a typical complex system engineering and requires many different enterprises and plants to work cooperatively to strive for the maximum profit. Supported by the computer, information, and Internet technology etc., CSCW plays a very crucial role in the multi-team, multi-subject, multi-layer field. Therefore, CSCW is necessary to be applied(More)
There has been a long time for Chinese shipbuilding enterprises to implement the modern shipbuilding mode, but the result is not satisfied. The most critical reason is that the laggard production management does not meet the requirements of modern shipbuilding. By analyzing the shipbuilding production characters and modern shipbuilding requirements, the(More)
Nowadays, the global ship market is so competitive that shipbuilding supply chain is being more and more important for modern shipbuilding enterprises to survive. Shipbuilding process is very complicated, and its partners are numerous, which brings about many risks in the shipbuilding supply chain. How to effectively control all the risks becomes a matter(More)
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