Weihong Sun

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Gastric and colorectal cancers (GC and CRC) have poor prognosis and are resistant to chemo- and/or radiotherapy. In the present study, the prophylactic effects of dendritic cell (DC) vaccination are evaluated on disease progression and clinical benefits in a group of 54 GC and CRC patients treated with DC immunotherapy combined with cytokine-induced killer(More)
Ascorbate peroxidases are directly involved in reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging by reducing hydrogen peroxide to water. The tomato thylakoid-bound ascorbate peroxidase gene (StAPX) was introduced into tobacco. RNA gel blot analysis confirmed that StAPX in tomato leaves was induced by methylviologen-mediated oxidative stress. The sense transgenic(More)
In clinical and translational research as well as clinical trial projects, clinical data collection is prone to errors such as missing data, and misinterpretation or inconsistency of the data. A good quality assurance (QA) program can resolve many such errors though this requires efficient communications between the QA staff and data collectors. Managing(More)
Since Francis Peyton Rous's landmark study of identifying avian oncogenic virus, seven viruses have been found to cause 10–15 % of human cancers worldwide [1]. Recent findings by Buehring's group have suggested that another virus, bovine leukemia virus (BLV) – which is highly prevalent in cows worldwide [2] – might be linked to human breast cancer [3–5]. In(More)
Cytoplasmic STAT3, after activation by growth factors, translocates to different subcellular compartments, including nuclei and mitochondria, where it carries out different biological functions. However, the precise mechanism by which STAT3 undergoes mitochondrial translocation and subsequently regulates the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle-electron transport(More)
OBJECTIVE Fat grafting is used to improve the reconstructed breast. Local recurrences following mastectomy present as palpable subcutaneous nodules; fat necrosis/oil cysts, a sequelae of fat grafting, also present as subcutaneous nodules. Our objective was to examine the frequency and factors associated with fat necrosis in the postmastectomy reconstructed(More)
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