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A physical phenomenon has been found: in a structure of nanometal film with dielectric-medium loading, the surface polaritons excited by a uniformly moving electron bunch can be transformed into Cherenkov radiation with intensity enhancement in the medium. Based on this mechanism, the surface polariton Cherenkov light radiation source is presented and(More)
It is important task to discover communities or hidden groups by analyzing the messages collected in social networks. For the case when some members of a community are known, a proper method is still necessary to infer the remaining community members. To address such an issue, we develop a closeness centrality examination algorithm to obtain the remaining(More)
The underwater scattering channel for line-of-sight (LOS) underwater optical wireless communications in the transmission window (wavelength of 400nm-600nm) is modeled by a ray tracing technique. The inherent seawater optical properties, the scattering and absorption of the suspending particles, are represented by one single parameter-chlorophyll(More)
Ordinary Lucy-Richardson (LR) restoration algorithms are used to restore high SNR degraded images including astronomical images and achieve good results. The algorithms are very sensitive to noises and use the assumption-noises observe the Possion distribution. However, there are always Gaussian noises in natural images. In this paper, we propose a(More)
We demonstrate that surface plasmons on a nanoscale metallic array can be transformed into radiation waves via an exotic Smith-Purcell effect. Although the radiation frequency and direction satisfy the Smith-Purcell relation, it is coherent radiation with directions specified, which is essentially different from the ordinary Smith-Purcell radiation. Its(More)
It has been demonstrated that the dual-wire waveguide (DWW) can be used in terahertz (THz) frequency regime with many advantages. However, the existent research approaches for the DWW are based on the electrostatic theory. In this paper, making use of the bipolar coordinate system (BCS), a rigorous analytical theory of DWW is worked out, and some important(More)
A conventional camera always captures blurred images of scene information away from the focal plane. Deblurring those blurred images is a very important and challenging job in many fields including optics, astronomy, computer vision and computer graphics. Since the defocus kernel plays a key role in the image degradation and the image recovery, many people(More)
MDR1 is highly expressed in MDR A2780DX5 ovarian cancer cells, MDR SGC7901R gastric cancer cells and recurrent tumours. It pumps cytoplasmic agents out of cells, leading to decreased drug accumulation in cells and making cancer cells susceptible to multidrug resistance. Here, we identified that miR-495 was predicted to target ABCB1, which encodes protein(More)