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Models of entire managed systems, known as operating models or management strategy evaluation (MSE) models, have been developed in recent years to more fully account for uncertainty in multiple steps of fishery management. Here we describe an operating model of sea lamprey management in the Great Lakes and use the model to compare alternative management(More)
Partitioning total variability into its component temporal and spatial sources is a powerful way to better understand time series and elucidate trends. The data available for such analyses of fish and other populations are usually nonnegative integer counts of the number of organisms, often dominated by many low values with few observations of relatively(More)
Pedestrian protective performance is an indivisible part of Euro NCAP assessment protocol, and which requirements are increasing continuously. To meet the stricter requirements, the pace of development in pedestrian countermeasures is increasing rapidly. In the study, the tibia acceleration and knee bending angle failed to satisfy the performance rating(More)
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