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Electrical resistance tomography using a bi-directional current pulse technique
A novel electrical resistance tomography (ERT) measurement system has been developed, which uses a switched bi-directional constant current source to produce the electric field in the measuringExpand
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Fabrication of Vertically Aligned Single‐Crystalline Boron Nanowire Arrays and Investigation of Their Field‐Emission Behavior
Aligned single crystalline boron nanowire arrays are formed by thermal carbon reduction. The SEM image shows an array of boron nanowires (ca. 5 mu m long) vertically aligned in high density on a SiExpand
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Prenatal levonorgestrel exposure induces autism-like behavior in offspring through ERβ suppression in the amygdala
BackgroundAutism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by impairments in social communication and restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests. ASD is now diagnosed in more than one out of 100Expand
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A specific energy-based size reduction model for batch grinding ball mill
Abstract A particle size reduction model has been developed as the first component of an upgraded ball mill model. The model is based on a specific energy-size reduction function, which calculatesExpand
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Resveratrol ameliorates prenatal progestin exposure-induced autism-like behavior through ERβ activation
BackgroundRecent literatures indicate that maternal hormone exposure is a risk factor for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We hypothesize that prenatal progestin exposure may counteract theExpand
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Development and Longer Term In Situ Evaluation of Fiber-Optic Sensors for Monitoring of Structural Concrete
In this paper, new solutions to the problem of making measurements, of carbonation and chloride ingress, in particular, in concrete structures are considered. The approach has focused on the design,Expand
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Preliminary Development and Evaluation of Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensors
Conventional methods of measuring carbonation and chloride ingress exist, but they are either inaccurate, expensive, or involve destructive testing. In seeking new solutions to this problem, theExpand
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A review of turbulence measurement techniques for flotation
Flotation is one of the most important primary separation processes in the minerals industry. As far as the mechanism of flotation is concerned, turbulence is one of the key parameters determiningExpand
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Two kinds of Chinese cornmeal used as the adsorbent of a fixed bed were examined with a pilot test system for breaking the azeotrope of ethanol and water. The results showed that the adsorptionExpand
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Influence of flotation cell hydrodynamics on the flotation kinetics and scale up, Part 1: Hydrodynamic parameter measurements and ore property determination
Abstract Developing practical measurement methodologies to characterise hydrodynamic conditions of flotation cells of any size, and the provision of useful data for flotation modelling, are aExpand
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