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Replay detection is a pivotal step for sports video highlight extraction, which is a very promising application of multimedia analysis. In this paper, a general framework, which is based on a Bayesian network, is proposed to make full use of the multiple clues, including shot structure, gradual transition pattern, slow-motion, and sports scene. A novel(More)
The flash memory is being used to an everincreasing extent in consumer electronics for the purpose of the dominant secondary storage device. Aiming at the buffer replacement policy for flash-based storage devices in efficiency, a new efficient flash-aware buffer replacement algorithm based on probability is proposed, where three LRU linked lists are used to(More)
Four samples of herbal chrysanthemum have been profiled qualitatively by LC-MS5 to identify their component chlorogenic acids and partially characterize other caffeic acid derivatives. The chlorogenic acids were minor components, and the four samples varied markedly in profile. Three p-coumaroylquinic acids, three feruloylquinic acids, four caffeoylquinic(More)
In recent years, the wireless sensor networks (WSN) attracts increasing attention due to its bright application prospect in both military and civil fields. However, for the WSN is extremely energy limited, the traditional network routing protocols are not suitable to it. Energy conservation becomes a crucial problem in WSN routing protocol. Cluster-based(More)
In this paper we propose a swarm intelligence based energy balance routing scheme SEB. SEB addresses the routing problem, especially focuses on extending the lifetime of wireless sensor networks, in which sensor nodes are battery powered. Based on the assumptions in our model, SEB estimates the weights of sensor nodes dynamically. Furthermore, sensor nodes(More)
The dynamic and multi-institutional nature of the grid environments introduces challenging security issues that demand new technical approaches. But traditional access control models consider static authorization decisions based on subjects'pre-assigned permissions on target objects and focus on a closed system, therefore, they are not suitable for the(More)