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This paper presents a new energy-efficient cooperative sensor network scheme. Cooperative nodes shift the carrier frequency of the source node, and the destination node receives the signal from the source node and the cooperative nodes as a standard orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) receiver. The maximal ratio combining (MRC) approach is(More)
Global metabolite identification of complex compound mixtures in biological systems is a very challenging task. Herein, we developed and validated a chemicalome to metabolome matching approach by taking herbal medicine as an example to delineate the metabolic networks of complex systems. This approach consists of five steps of data processing including raw(More)
A new decoding algorithm, referred to as Min-Sum with Adaptive Message Control (AMC-MS), is proposed to reduce the decoding complexity of nonbinary LDPC codes. The proposed algorithm adaptively trims the message length of belief information to reduce the amount of arithmetic operations. Exploiting the fact that during the decoding iteration, the(More)
A new adaptive thresholding power management (ATPM) scheme is proposed to maximize the data rate of RF circuits in distributed embedded systems powered by renewable energy. Considering time-varying fading channels and statistical energy harvesting processes, we propose to turn on RF circuits only when the channel gain is higher than a threshold, and adjust(More)
Deregulation of the immune system is believed to contribute to cancer malignancy, which has led to recent therapeutic breakthroughs facilitating antitumor immunity. In a malignant setting, immunoglobulin receptors, which are fundamental components of the human immune system, fulfill paradoxical roles in cancer pathogenesis. This study describes a previously(More)
This paper proposes a new way of employing nanowire (NW) crossbars for digital signal processing (DSP) applications. By employing distributed arithmetic, complicated signal processing tasks can be converted into regular memory operations; thus this architecture is well-suited for NW crossbar technology. A defect-tolerant technique exploiting algorithmic(More)
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