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ln this paper, we propose a novel local search heuristic and then hybridize it with a genetic algorithm for k-medoid clustering of large data sets, which is an NP-hard optimization problem The local search heuristic selects k medoids from the data set and tries to efficiently minimize the total dissimilarity within each cluster. In order to deal with the(More)
Clustering is inherently a difficult problem, both with respect to the construction of adequate objective functions as well as to the optimization of the objective functions. In this paper, we suggest an objective function called the Weighted Sum Validity Function (WSVF), which is a weighted sum of the several normalized cluster validity functions. Further,(More)
—Minutiae point pattern matching is the most common approach for fingerprint verification. Although many minutiae point pattern matching algorithms have been proposed, reliable automatic fingerprint verification remains as a challenging problem, both with respect to recovering the optimal alignment and the construction of an adequate matching function. In(More)