Weigen Huang

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—Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images acquired over the ocean frequently show sea wave-like patterns that have wavelengths well above those of ocean surface waves and that are sea surface signatures of oceanic internal waves (OIWs) or of atmospheric gravity waves (AGWs). However, it is often difficult to decide whether they result from the first or the(More)
Atmospheric phenomena often leave fingerprints on the sea surface, which are detectable by synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Here we present some representative examples of SAR images acquired by the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) onboard the Envisat satellite over the South China Sea (SCS) which show radar signatures of atmospheric gravity waves(More)
On synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images acquired over the ocean often sea surface signatures of atmospheric gravity waves (AGWs) as well as of oceanic internal waves are visible. They often look quite similar and it is not always easy to decide whether the wave-like patterns result from AGWs or from oceanic internal waves. In this paper we present criteria(More)