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Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is predominately used to find solutions for continuous optimization problems. As the operators of PSO are originally designed in an n-dimensional continuous space, the advancement of using PSO to find solutions in a discrete space is at a slow pace. In this paper, a novel setbased PSO (S-PSO) method for the solutions of(More)
Traffic control at intersections is a key issue and hot research topic in intelligent transportation systems. Existing approaches, including traffic light scheduling and trajectory maneuver, are either inaccurate and inflexible or complicated and costly. More importantly, due to the dynamics of traffic, it is really difficult to obtain the optimal solution(More)
Designing protocols for solving the consensus problem faces new challenges in mobile computing environments. Among others, how we can achieve message efficiency for saving resource consumption has been the focus of research. In this paper, we present the HC protocol, a message efficient consensus protocol for MANETs. We consider the widely used system model(More)
Eventual leadership has been identified as a basic building block to solve synchronization or coordination problems in distributed computing systems. However, it is a challenging task to implement the eventual leadership facility, especially in dynamic distributed systems, where the global system structure is unknown to the processes and can vary over time.(More)
This paper presents a simple broadcast algorithm suited to dynamic systems where links can repeatedly appear and disappear. The algorithm is proved correct and a simple improvement is introduced, that reduces the number and the size of control messages. As it extends in a simple way a classical network traversal algorithm to the dynamic context, the(More)
The co-existence and integration of different wireless networks will significantly advance the provision of ubiquitous and high-performance Internet services to mobile users. In this paper, we present HAWK, a real-world implementation of high performance heterogeneous wireless networks for ubiquitous Internet access. We have built a fully featured testbed(More)