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Evidence suggests a functional association between the tumor suppressor p53 and apoptosis-involved organelle lysosome; however, the detailed mechanisms remain poorly understood. We recently reported that a lysosome-targeting protein, LAPF (lysosome-associated and apoptosis-inducing protein containing PH and FYVE domains), could initiate apoptosis of L929(More)
Migrating legacy object-oriented system functionalities to SOA environment is a important problem that frequently arises in many system maintenance and integration tasks. A service is often implemented by complex collaborations of many objects in an object-oriented system. Such complexity brings impedance mismatch between service and object. Moreover, the(More)
A major obstacle to therapy in intensive care units is sepsis caused by severe infection. In recent years gram-positive (G+) bacteria, most commonly staphylococci, are thought to be the main pathogens. Micheliolide (MCL) was demonstrated to provide a therapeutic role in rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory intestinal disease, colitis-associated cancer, and(More)
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