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The quality of a software system is largely determined by its internal structures which always degrade over the software evolution. Therefore, the structures have to be reconditioned from time to time. However, the existing methods are very complex and resource-consuming when doing this task. In this paper, we present an approach to recondition the class(More)
The quality of a software system is partially determined by its structure (topological structure), so the need to quantitatively analyze the quality of the structure has become eminent. In this paper a novel metric called software quality of structure (SQoS) is presented for quantitatively measuring the structural quality of object-oriented (OO) softwares(More)
— The explosion of services like web services, APIs, Mashups, etc., makes how to find the right one you need a tough problem. Tags, as a kind of metadata have been widely used to annotate services. In this paper, we propose to use an ontology automatically built from tags to improve the performance of service searching. We use the famous Mashup directory,(More)
Many published papers analyzed the forming mechanisms and evolution laws of OO software systems from software reuse, software pattern, etc. There, however, have been fewer models so far merely built on the software components such as methods, classes, etc. and their interactions. In this paper, a novel Software Evolution Model based on Software Networks(More)