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Effects of sonication on the physicochemical and functional properties of walnut protein isolate.
The objective of this study was to investigate the impact of high-intensity ultrasound treatment (sonication) on the molecular, physicochemical, and functional properties of walnut protein isolate.Expand
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Identification of alcohol conformers by Raman spectra in the C-H stretching region.
The spontaneous polarized Raman spectra of normal and deuterated alcohols (C2-C5) have been recorded in the C-H stretching region. In the isotropic Raman spectra, a doublet of -CαH stretchingExpand
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Room temperature electrofreezing of water yields a missing dense ice phase in the phase diagram
Water can freeze into diverse ice polymorphs depending on the external conditions such as temperature (T) and pressure (P). Herein, molecular dynamics simulations show evidence of a high-densityExpand
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Two-dimensional interlocked pentagonal bilayer ice: how do water molecules form a hydrogen bonding network?
The plethora of ice structures observed both in bulk and under nanoscale confinement reflects the extraordinary ability of water molecules to form diverse forms of hydrogen bonding networks. An idealExpand
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Direct observation of 2-dimensional ices on different surfaces near room temperature without confinement
Significance Many metal surfaces can stabilize 2-dimensional (2D) water monolayers or various structures of 2D ices, depending on the temperature and metal surface structures. Understanding of 2D iceExpand
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Water Confined in Nanocapillaries: Two-Dimensional Bilayer Squarelike Ice and Associated Solid-Liquid-Solid Transition
Despite recent experimental evidence of the two-dimensional (2D) square ice in graphene nanocapillaries, based on transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging, the AA-stacked bilayer square iceExpand
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Ratiometric detection of Raman hydration shell spectra
The micro-structure of hydration shell of solute in water is significant for understanding the properties of aqueous solutions. However the spectra of hydration shell are difficult to be obtained.Expand
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Improved Image Enhancement Method Based on Retinex Algorithm
This paper uses two models to iteratively refine the image. Expand
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Extending Zeckendorf's Theorem to a Non-constant Recurrence and the Zeckendorf Game on this Non-constant Recurrence Relation
Zeckendorf's Theorem states that every positive integer can be uniquely represented as a sum of non-adjacent Fibonacci numbers, indexed from $1, 2, 3, 5,\ldots$. This has been generalized by manyExpand
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Computational Prediction of Novel Ice Phases: A Perspective.
Although computational prediction of new ice phases is a niche field in water science, the scientific subject itself is a representative of two important areas in physical chemistry, namely,Expand