Weidong Xiao

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In photovoltaic power systems, both photovoltaic modules and switching-mode converters present nonlinear and time-variant characteristics, which result in a difficult control problem. This paper presents an in-depth analysis and modeling to discover the inherent features of a photovoltaic power system. The method of successive linearization simplifies the(More)
This paper looks at the performance of photovoltaic modules in nonideal conditions and proposes topologies to minimize the degradation of performance caused by these conditions. It is found that the peak power point of a module is significantly decreased due to only the slightest shading of the module, and that this effect is propagated through other(More)
There is growing interest in renewable energy around the world. Since most renewable sources are intermittent in nature, it is a challenging task to integrate renewable energy resources into the power grid infrastructure. In this grid integration, communication systems are crucial technologies, which enable the accommodation of distributed renewable energy(More)
This paper concentrates on two critical aspects to improve the performance of maximum power point tracking (MPPT). One improvement is to accurately locate the position of the maximum power point (MPP) by using the centered differentiation. Another effort is to reduce the oscillation around the MPP in steady state by controlling active perturbations. This(More)
Although robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy (RPD) has been successfully performed since 2003, its advantages over open pancreaticoduodenectomy (OPD) are still uncertain. The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to compare the clinical outcomes of RPD to those of OPD. A systematic literature review was performed to identify RPD versus OPD(More)
Photovoltaic power systems are usually integrated with some specific control algorithms to deliver the maximum possible power. Several maximum power point tracking (MPPT) methods that force the operating point to oscillate have been presented in the past few decades. In the MPPT system, the ideal operation is to determine the maximum power point (MPP) of(More)
A decentralized Grid resource discovery solution is presented in this paper under predefined resource taxonomy, in which information nodes with the same type of registered resources are organized together to form resource information communities (RIC), and efficient navigation between different communities is achieved by a DHT P2P based bootstrap network.(More)
In this paper, a new optimization problem is proposed to determine the maximum distributed generation (DG) penetration level by optimally selecting types, locations and sizes of utility owned DG units. The DG penetration level could be limited by harmonic distortion because of the nonlinear current injected by inverter-based DG units and also protection(More)