Weidong Geng

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Sketch-drawings is an intuitive and comprehensive means of conveying movement ideas in character animation. We proposed a novel sketch-based approach to assisting the authoring and choreographing of Kungfu motions at the early stage of animation creation. Given two human figure sketches corresponding to the initial and closing posture of a Kungfu form, and(More)
Affective computation generally focuses on the informatics of affect: structuring, formalizing, and representing emotion as informational units. We propose instead an enigmatics of affect, a critical technical practice that respects the rich and undefinable complexities of human affective experience. Our interactive installation, the Influencing Machine,(More)
We introduce a novel method for synthesizing dance motions that follow the emotions and contents of a piece of music. Our method employs a learning-based approach to model the music to motion mapping relationship embodied in example dance motions along with those motions' accompanying background music. A key step in our method is to train a music to motion(More)
Responsive motion generation of avatars who have physical interactions with their environment is a key issue in VR and video games. We present a performance-driven avatar control interface with physically-based motion retrieval. When the interaction between the user-controlled avatar and its environment is going to happen, the avatar has to select the(More)
Error diffusion is known as a commonly used digital halftoning technique. We present a novel and efficient error-diffusion algorithm which is capable of preserving appreciable structures and tones with blue-noise property. According to the theoretical analysis of threshold modulation, the extraction of the high-frequency image contents is helpful to(More)
This paper aims at proposing a framework for animating virtual humans that can efficiently interact with real users in virtual reality (VR). If the user's order can be modeled as targets and commands, the system searches a database for the most convenient behavior. In order to avoid using a huge database that can deal with any kind of situation, we propose(More)