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With the development of information technology, cloud computing becomes a new direction of grid computing. Cloud computing is user-centric, and provides end users with leasing service. Guaranteeing the security of user data needs careful consideration before cloud computing is widely applied in business. Virtualization provides a new approach to solve the(More)
Buffer overflow attacks still pose a significant threat to the security and availability of today's computer systems. Although there are a number of solutions proposed to provide adequate protection against buffer overflow attacks, most of existing solutions terminate the vulnerable program when the buffer overflow occurs, effectively rendering the program(More)
Cloud computing is believed to be the next major paradigm of computing because it will substantially reduce the cost of IT systems. Ensuring security in the cloud-end is necessary because customers' data are stored and processed there. Previous studies have mainly focused on secure cloud-end storage, whereas secure cloud-end computing is much less(More)
Automated Trust Negotiation (ATN) is an important method to establish trust relationship between two strangers by exchanging their access control policies and credentials. Unfortunately, ATN is not widely adopted because of the complexity and multiformity of negotiation policies, especially in virtual computing environment, where the situation becomes worse(More)
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