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The authors developed an on-line system to automate the paper submission and reviewing process for SIGCSE 2000. This system provided a mechanism for a statistical study of the ratings of papers by different referees. To compile sufficient sample data, 10 papers were sent to about 100 referees each, in addition to the normal reviewing of the 220 submitted(More)
BACKGROUND Meningiomas account for 35.5% of central nervous system (CNS) tumors, of which 21-37.8% are atypical or anaplastic/malignant. High-grade meningiomas have higher rates of recurrence and worse outcome than grade I/II meningiomas. Thus, it is of importance to assess the tumor biology before treatment initiation. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study(More)
Although the routes of de novo pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) biosynthesis have been well described, studies of the engineering of an intracellular PLP supply are limited, and the effects of cellular PLP levels on PLP-dependent enzyme-based whole-cell biocatalyst activity have not been described. To investigate the effects of PLP cofactor availability on(More)
The development of efficient microbial processes for pinocembrin production has attracted considerable attention. However, pinocembrin biosynthetic efficiency is greatly limited by the low availability of the malonyl-CoA cofactor in Escherichia coli. Fatty acid biosynthesis is the only metabolic process in E. coli that consumes malonyl-CoA; therefore, we(More)
Phosphorous removal in secondary by ferric (Fe(III)) was investigated in presence of ferrate (Fe(VI))/ferrous(Fe(II)).In the raw water, adding Fe(VI) or Fe(VI)+Fe(II) could increase the phosphorous removal in comparison to Fe(III) coagulation. For initial phosphate concentration of 2.5 mg P/L, phosphate removal rates of about 15-30% were observed. But the(More)
A new high-rate dissolved air flotation (DAF) tank was developed and the efficiency was studied through pilot experiments. The turbidity of effluent water was improved 30% at hydraulic loading rate of 18 m/h when the perforated pipe was replaced by perforated plate for the collection of effluent water. A separation system made by a series of lamella plates(More)
The effect of fusing the PelB signal sequence to lysine/cadaverine antiporter (CadB) on the bioconversion of l-lysine to cadaverine was investigated. To construct a whole-cell biocatalyst for cadaverine production, four expression plasmids were constructed for the co-expression of lysine decarboxylase (CadA) and lysine/cadaverine antiporter (CadB) in(More)
Magnetic simulation method is introduced to analyze giant magnetoresistances (GMRs) in nanoscale for nano-sized biosensors. A spin valve model with special gridding corresponding to the exchange interaction length is proposed to study the influence of easy axes, exchange coefficients, pinning fields and feature widths on magnetization reversals and(More)
Learning by trial-and-error requires retrospective information that whether a past action resulted in a rewarded outcome. Previous outcome in turn may provide information to guide future behavioral adjustment. But the specific contribution of this information to learning a task and the neural representations during the trial-anderror learning process is not(More)
The design software used in the Matlab interface as the application development platform, and with a SQL Server database as the background data storage tool, in order to achieve efficient human-computer interaction function. From the results of view, the end result meets the design requirements, host computer receives a wireless sensor network module(More)