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One of the clinical features of multiple myeloma (MM) is the occurrence of skeletal events, which are characterized by increased bone resorption and decreased bone formation. In contrast to enhanced osteoclastogenesis, little is known about the mechanism of impaired bone formation in MM. Because TAZ, a Runx2/Cbfa1 transcriptional co-activator, has recently(More)
'Blinking', or 'fluorescence intermittency', refers to a random switching between 'ON' (bright) and 'OFF' (dark) states of an emitter; it has been studied widely in zero-dimensional quantum dots and molecules, and scarcely in one-dimensional systems. A generally accepted mechanism for blinking in quantum dots involves random switching between neutral and(More)
The discovery of monolayer superconductors bears consequences for both fundamental physics and device applications. Currently, the growth of superconducting monolayers can only occur under ultrahigh vacuum and on specific lattice-matched or dangling bond-free substrates, to minimize environment- and substrate-induced disorders/defects. Such severe growth(More)
Charles Altuzarra , Stefano Vezzoli, Joao Valente, Weibo Gao, Cesare Soci, Daniele Faccio, Christophe Couteau1,2,5,∗ 1 Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies, TPI, Nanyang Technological University, 637371, Singapore 2 CINTRA, CNRS-NTU-Thales, CNRS UMI 3288, Singapore 3 Optoelectronics Research Centre and Centre for Photonic Metamaterials, University of(More)
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