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We present an approach based on 2D slices for measuring similarity between 3D models. The key idea is to represent the 3D model by a series of slices along certain directions so that the shape-matching problem between 3D models is transformed into similarity measuring between 2D slices. Here, we have to deal with the following problems: selection of cutting(More)
Growing evidence has demonstrated that dysfunction of follicular helper T (TFH) cells results in an abnormal positive selection of autoreactive B cells, which contributes to the development of autoimmune diseases. This study reveals that the frequency of circulating counterparts of TFH cells in myasthenia gravis (MG) patients is significantly higher(More)
Similarity measuring is a key problem for 3D model retrieval. We propose a novel shape descriptor "thickness histogram" (TH) by uniformly estimating thickness of a model using statistical methods. It is translation and rotation-invariant, discriminative to different shapes, and very efficient to compute with the shape distribution (SD) proposed by Osada(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal treatment for ocular myasthenia gravis (OMG) remains controversial. We conducted a review of the long-term clinical outcomes of Chinese patients with OMG after extended transsternal thymectomy (ETT) to determine the efficacy of this procedure as a treatment for OMG. METHODS We reviewed the cases of 115 consecutive patients with OMG(More)
This paper proposes a robust motion detection method for illumination variations which uses histogram of oriented gradients. The detection process is divided into two phases: coarse detection and refinement. In the coarse detection phase, first, a texture-based background model is built which implements a group of adaptive histograms of oriented gradients;(More)
Proliferation of 3D models necessitates developing efficient methods for indexing or retrieving the models in a large database. Many previous methods for this purpose defined functions on concentric spheres as approximation of 3D geometry for spherical harmonic transform (SHT). In this paper, we point out that this is not robust as the surface of a model(More)
In rough set theory (RST), upper and lower approximations of a concept will change dynamically while the information system varies over time. How to update approximations based on the original approximations' information is an important problem since it may improve the efficiency of knowledge discovery. This paper focuses on the approach for dynamically(More)
Foamy virus vectors are potent alternatives to lenti- and gamma-retroviral vectors for gene therapy. To construct and optimize gutless feline foamy virus (FFV) replication-deficient (RD) vectors, viral elements essential for optimal efficient marker gene transduction were characterized and fine-mapped and packaging clones constructed. For these purposes,(More)
RATIONALE Mutagenesis screening is a powerful genetic tool for probing biological mechanisms underlying vertebrate development and human diseases. However, the increased colony management efforts in vertebrates impose a significant challenge for identifying genes affecting a particular organ, such as the heart, especially those exhibiting adult phenotypes(More)