Weibao Zheng

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The topology of folded proteins from the representative dataset of well-defined three-dimensional protein structures is studied using a statistical geometry approach. Amino acid residues in protein chains are represented by C alpha atoms, thus reducing the protein three-dimensional structure to a set of points in three dimensional space. The Delaunay(More)
Combinatorial library design is by nature a multicriterion problem. These criteria often include reagent diversity, product similarity to lead compounds and product novelty with respect to a corporate compound bank. More recently, developability and druglikeness have also attracted much attention in library design practices. To address this multicriterion(More)
In this paper we contrast wireless network for power loss channel and delay channel used for data transmission. The topology composed of dynamic wireless composites whose position is set by random function and use Zigbee technology for data transmission with RREQ protocols at varying range of transmission of 300, 400 and 500 units. Paper contrast different(More)
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