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Effect of Saturation Time on the Coal Burst Liability Indexes and Its Application for Rock Burst Mitigation
Coal seam water infusion is one of the widely used techniques for rock burst mitigation, and the saturation time of coal is one of the essential factors influencing the effectiveness of waterExpand
Impact of Bedding Planes on Mechanical Properties of Sandstone
Currently, many underground structures are built in rock masses with bedded structures, such as coal mine roadways (Ning et al. 2017; Tan et al. 2015a, b, 2017), chemical and nuclear wasteExpand
Progressive mitigation method of rock bursts under complicated geological conditions
Abstract Jingxi Coalfield, which is called “China's Geological Encyclopedia”, has a complicated geological condition. As one its representative mines, Muchengjian Mine has witnessed nearly thirtyExpand
Research on the Rockburst Tendency and AE Characteristics of Inhomogeneous Coal-Rock Combination Bodies
In order to research the influence of homogeneity on the rockburst tendency and on AE characteristics of coal-rock combination body, uniaxial compressive tests of inhomogeneous coal-rock combinationExpand
Bolt Pull-Out Tests of Anchorage Body under Different Loading Rates
Based on the force analysis and mechanical transmission mechanism of grouting bolts, the self-developed test apparatus for interfacial mechanics is used to study the distribution rule of axial forceExpand
Digital Image Correlation Analysis of Displacement Based on Corrected Three Surface Fitting Algorithm
The modified cubic surface fitting algorithm CTSFA (Corrected Three Surface Fitting Algorithm), which is suitable for solving the initial value of continuous displacement, is studied and it is revealed that C TSFA is better than SFA in observing the development of cracks. Expand
Case Studies of Rock Bursts Under Complicated Geological Conditions During Multi-seam Mining at a Depth of 800 m
A serious rock burst (“4.19” event) occurred on 19 April 2016 in the No. 4 working face of the No. 10 coal seam in Da’anshan Coal Mine, Jingxi Coalfield. According to the China National SeismologicalExpand
Case histories of rock bursts under complicated geological conditions
During the past decade’s exploitation of coal seams in Muchengjian Mine in Jingxi Coalfield, there were nearly thirty rock burst events, which hindered the safe and efficient coal production. TwoExpand