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BACKGROUND Antiangiogenic therapy is one of the most significant advances in anticancer treatment. The benefits of antiangiogenic therapies of late-stage cancers have been investigated but are still too limited. METHODS We used an ovarian cancer model to test the effect of short-term bevacizumab treatment on metastasis as measured by bioluminescence.(More)
Objective. To identify the optimum treatment protocol for insomnia among auricular, body, and abdominal needling methods. Methods. A three-factor (3 needling protocols) and three-level experimental scheme was designed based on orthogonal method. 54 patients of insomnia differentiated as internal harassment of phlegm-heat syndrome were given two courses of(More)
The multispectral remote sensing technology has been a primary means in the research of biomass monitoring, climate change, disaster prediction and etc. The spectral sensitivity is essential in the quantitative analysis of remote sensing data. When the sensor is running in the space, it will be influenced by cosmic radiation, severe change of temperature,(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effects of expression ways and traits of anger emotion on autonomic nerve in the emotion recovery stage. METHODS The 48 healthy undergraduate students were recruited as subjects, who were assigned to four groups, i.e., anger-out of high trait group, anger-in of high trait group, anger-out of low trait group, anger-in of low trait(More)
Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS), which directly measures the THz wave's temporal electric field, can give the amplitude and phase of the THz wave pulse simultaneously. THz-TDS is attracting more attention among scientists. InP with short carrier average collision time and low effective mass is growing up as one of the best photoconductive(More)